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Generally speaking, what you share with counselors at Colorado’s text support line will remain confidential. Just like a doctor’s office, we follow HIPAA regulations, as well as federal and Colorado laws. Our goal is to work with you in a crisis and together develop plans that are helpful for you.

However, Colorado law does consider our counselors mandated reporters — meaning they are required to inform law enforcement of certain safety threats. These exceptions to confidentiality (listed in the Colorado statutes, C.R.S. §12-43-218) can include, but are not limited to:

  • when a CTL user is determined to be a harm to self or others, including those identifiable by their association with a specific location or entity
  • child abuse or neglect situations
  • abuse or exploitation of an at-risk elder or the imminent risk of abuse or exploitation
  • when a CTL user is determined to be gravely disabled

Personal Privacy

We do not share your mobile number or any of the information you provide on the text support line with third parties, nor will we engage in the selling of address material to list services. When we ask for information about your birthdate and ZIP code it is simply so we can understand who is using the service and where people are learning about it. No personal identifying information is used when we review this kind of data.

For a full rundown of terms and conditions (posted by our colleagues at Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners), see here.

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