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As a member of our tight-knit community, you know the role suicide has played in local teens’ lives. In 2015 alone, 15 children in El Paso County took their own lives. That’s why the Below the Surface campaign offers a no-B.S. approach to addressing the feelings and stressors our youth face. Posters promote the state’s free, confidential, 24/7 text support line, via messaging informed by a Youth Advisory Panel of nine high schoolers who have shared their hearts with us. The campaign is gaining traction, but we need your help – and so do your students who wrestle with depression, anxiety, social pressures and family strife. Because sometimes, real cause for concern lies just below the surface.

“At Manitou Springs District 14 we are committed to supporting the whole child through meaningful relationships, rigorous academic programs and opportunities to explore, learn, and experiment. Supporting students’ social-emotional health is a key component in supporting the district mission. The Below the Surface campaign has provided another valuable layer of mental health support for the district’s students and families. The campaign has created a teenage-user-friendly platform that supports the social-emotional health of Manitou Springs District 14 students.”

— Jesse Hull,
Assistant Principal, Manitou Springs School District 14

School district partners

The following school districts have already prioritized their students’ mental health and well-being by opening up to this campaign.

  • Calhan School District RJ-1
  • Harrison School District 2
  • Widefield School District 3
  • Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8
  • Colorado Springs School District 11
  • Manitou Springs School District 14
  • Academy School District 20
  • Ellicott School District 22
  • Peyton School District 23
  • Pikes Peak School District 49
  • Edison School District 54JT
  • Miami Yoder School District JT60

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  • Provide your school community with context.

    Parents, teachers, students, administrators — they’ll want to know what the campaign is about and how it affects them. Use the tools below to share background and help with onboarding.

Discovery Canyon Campus paid for the printing & installation of the graphic, seen above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Resource Downloads

Implementation Plan

This helpful one-sheeter will help you talk about the Below the Surface campaign with students, parents and teachers.


For Students and Parents

The student script can be used during announcements, while the parent letter can be sent at campaign kickoff.


Digital Materials

This zip file includes 16 digital assets that can be used in newsletters, intranets and on social media.


Materials Inventory

Download the Materials Inventory to see a visual list of all campaign materials available to your school.


Email Signature

Ready to share the campaign with everyone in your contacts? Download and add this image to your email signature.

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